Win $10,000 Scholarship

This offer was for 2014 Awards Ceremony. We hope to secure similar sponsorship for this year's awards. Watch out!

Dūcere is offering as sponsorship, a scholarship for a Diploma course, accredited by Holmesglen, valued at $10,000 to one of our awardees.


Mathew Jacobson, Founder and CEO of Dūcere , and Mary Faraone, CEO 
of Holmesglen will co-present the Award.  

Dūcere Diploma of Management Scholarship

The Dūcere Diploma of Management, accredited by Holmesglen, provides a global perspective on key management principles.

You will 
 learn from presidents, Nobel Prize winners, CEOs of the world’s largest companies, entrepreneurs, scientists and more and develop diverse skills including project planning, performance management and advanced communication.