Award Processes and Categories


This note provides an insight about the Awards processes, procedures, criteria and the terms of reference governing the tasks of the selection panel. Nominations were received across all spectrum from community groups, ethnic and multicultural organisations, NGOs, to credible Africans and Australians. Our team also researched various databases to identify exceptional individuals and organizations deserving recognition. Click here to see nominees and some past award recipients.

Award Processes, Procedures and Criteria 
The processes leading to presentation of Awards are three phases:

Phase one is a call for nominations:

Note: For the past months, leaders of African community organizations, community members, ethnic community multicultural groups, service providers and individuals have been given the opportunity to nominate those deserving to be honoured. We've continually sent reminder emails to remind people to nominate, book or sponsor. We have received tremendous support from the community. We understand that there are so many successful community members to be recognised and we are optimistic that many more credible people will be nominated for ongoing and future awards.

Our hope is that, we all shall unite to achieve greater outcomes for the African communities in Australia. Our main objectives to bring communities, government officials, service providers, individuals, business groups, member of diplomatic corps and NGOs together to celebrate the success of Africans in Australia.

The purpose is about creating a platform to identify role models, to say thank you, to learn from each other and to work in collaboration for better outcome. We did not set up the program to screen out, mainly to operate inclusively encouraging communities and individuals to work harder and achieve greater successes.

Phase two is the selection of finalists
Our team conducts this task efficiently and effectively and have received community commendation for a job well done. 

Meet our team - National Executives and Coordinators

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The awards program will honour and recognize individuals and organisation who demonstrates exceptional leadership qualities, recognize the outstanding achievements and efforts of those who, through a combination of personal qualities and exceptional skills have made a significant contribution. In each awards category, the nominees demonstrated all or some of the attributes listed below:

  • An exceptional community member who made significant contributions to the community;

  • Demonstrated leadership in carrying out consultations, transparency, taking part in co-community activity and development through information sharing;

  • A shining star who may be among the top in his/her professional field;
  • Distinguished professional with good standing within the African community;
  • A person who has been honoured by the government, community groups, professional bodies as affirmation of their outstanding achievements;

  • Organizations and individuals supporting the communities who motivates and inspires the people around them to accomplish more than they would have normally;

  • Inspires a high level commitment from others when taking on new initiatives;

  • Create a compelling vision for the future and helps others understand their role in achieving it;

  • Actively shares responsibility, authority, information and credit when working towards the achievement of a goals;

  • Successful as an individual, part of group or organisation and involvement with the community;

  • Commitment to promote cultural pride and identity;

  • Promoted the diversity of people and ideas;

  • Engaged people and partners in developing opportunities;

  • Demonstrated leadership simultaneously in business continuity and business enhancements (or business development);

  • Demonstrate commitment and dedication to the community service;

  • Commitment and actively contributed to the settlement program;

  • Been a model and inspiration;

  • Demonstrated wisdom, courage and compassion;

  • Generated respect among communities;

  • Demonstrates leadership qualities in community through raising awareness,  improving outcomes for communities;

  • Increased participation in community and mainstream activities - participate in sport, recreation, festival, music, fashion, arts and other social and cultural activities; and

  • Significant contribution in advocacy and promotion.

The selection criteria also involved:

  • Taking into consideration recommendations by community groups, eminent community members and media reports.
  • Eliminating class and perception of discrimination by spreading awards to encompass various ethnic groups, age groups and professional backgrounds with minimum selection criteria.

Note: Please note that there are hundreds of outstanding people and organization that may not make the Awards list either because they were not nominated or no one notified us about them. In any case, this event is a yearly event and hundreds of distinguished people and organizations will be recognised in future events with strict criteria.

Phase three is the selection of award recipients
From the list of finalists allocating recipients to awards Categories. In this phase, team members who have first-hand understanding about the community and its members are consulted to use their local knowledge to allocate select recipients and allocate them to award categories that applies to their skills.


Award categories:

Outstanding Community Leaders of the Year Award - presented to distinguished leaders of the African-Australian community involved in community works and who give their time and resources in delivering effective services to the Australian community. These are men and women whose passion is to serve humanity and to make an impact on individuals’ lives. Awarded to an African community Leader who has demonstrated leadership excellence. The nominee has a track record to achieving positive outcomes for the community through his or her leadership ingenuity and is respected as a leader by their peers and community. These men and women also volunteer to empower the African community, giving hope to many.
  • Male leader of the year

  • Woman leader of the year

  • Elder leader of the year

Young Leaders of the Year AwardPresented to extraordinary young African Australians who are trailblazers in the Society. Awarded to a young African Australian who has demonstrated leadership excellence and potential. The nominee is an inspiration to other young African Australians and engages in community issues and makes a difference.

African Australian Community Ambassador Award - Awarded to an African Australian who has outstanding and sustained contribution, excellence and full participation in the community activity.

Champions Award - presented to distinguished African-Australians that are trail blazers. These people who have started from simple ideas and now are flourishing in their endeavours.  These icons have delightful stories to tell of how they made the impossible possible, how they have inspired many through their hard work and dedication to duty.

  • Arts

  • Culture/song writer

  • Fashion 

  • Film/acting

Excellence Award – Presented to a nominee who has demonstrated excellence in the creative or performing arts that shows creativity that is creative and technically excellent. Artist’s work may depicts and reflects the experiences of African communities.

Outstanding Performance Award - presented to astonishing performances specializing in various performing art forms – including: masters in African drumming, singer, fashion, musician, high energy dance and rhythms, stage performances and African story telling through drama and dance. At the awards night, guests are entertained by these fantastic artist and we hope that people will encourage these brilliant men and women by inviting them to perform at their shows. Outstanding Performers Award

  • Group Performance

  • Female performance

  • Male performance

  • Musician/Band performance

African Australians Media / Broadcast Award - Presented to People that have played role in publishing African Australian news / stories to the Australian Audience.   They may include radio personalities / DJs, News Presenters, Magazine producers, Photographers or Videographers.

Captains Award - presented to shining stars within the African Australian communities. This award recognizes the heroic rise from grass to grace; a phenomenal achievement and who have made an outstanding contribution to the advancement Business, sports, media, community services, law, health, and among others as an individual, or as part of a team (This can be an individual or team award).

Professional Excellence Award - presented to the nominee who has demonstrated excellence in his or her professional or occupational field including consistent and outstanding performance. Nominee would have excellent professional skills and knowledge as well as demonstrated professional integrity and behaviour. Honoured in this category include:  Academics, researchers, legal, community, accountant, medical service providers, Health Professionals that have truly progressed in their careers among colleagues in his or her field.

Outstanding Community Organisation Award - presented to African Australian organizations and community groups actively implementing projects and organizing programs that benefits their communities or groups in a marvellous way. Awarded to a nominee that has made an outstanding contribution to the community they serve through provision of innovative projects and demonstrate quality and transparent leadership to achieve positive outcomes for the community. The nominee can demonstrate effective engagement with members and other stakeholders. These organizations are either self-funded by members or receives seeded funds to run their programs however, regardless of the limited resources, these organizations have effectively managed to empower their communities/groups through implementing various programs: Including advocacy training, settlement, employment, skills development programs, youth program and providing links between community and government.

Outstanding African Australian Business Award - presented to businesses that have made an outstanding contribution, beyond the call of day-to-day business, and African community group. The African Australian Business Award nominee will have shown outstanding returns and growth rates, coupled with innovative working techniques and excellent business practices. The Business will have had a positive impact on its stakeholders (economic and social), contributing to a stronger business community and giving back to community.

Outstanding Community Initiative Award - presented to a nominee that demonstrates a successful community initiative that aims to build capacity and improve participation in the social, cultural and economic fabric of the community as an individual, or community organisation.

African Pioneer Award - presented to people that have come up with an entirely new idea, have put it into action and the work has grown to serve and better the lives of the African Australian Community or Australian Community.  People or organizations that have successfully used their resources to pursue projects in Africa, any African Nation.

Honorary Award - presented to Australian organizations, businesses and individuals supporting the African communities in Australia. This award recognises the valuable services provided by these organizations, business, and individuals working for their organisations and the positive outcomes that these great services and individuals have input into the African Community in Australia. Developed opportunities to engage and consult communities and key stakeholders in the consideration of key policy issues by actively engage with community in various activity.

Volunteer of the Year Award - presented to a nominee who continuously served the community and has made a contribution in his or her community that has benefited others. The nominee is an active and visible member of the community, including participating in activities.